The Grapevine: February, 2023 – Issue #91

The Spotlight


February 9th – 14th

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Wine Of The Month: BORTOLOMIOL Miòl Prosecco Rosé

Celebrate the month of love with this delicious rosé Prosecco.

Made from a blend of Glera and Pinot Nero grapes from vineyards in the hills of the Treviso area in Italy, this DOCG rosé Prosecco features fresh fruity notes of pear, cherry and raspberry on the nose, with a silky body and a dry finish.

This Miòl Prosecco pairs well with Shellfish, Cured Meats, and many vegetarian dishes.

Regular Price: $27.50
This Month: $24.75

Spirit Of The Month: Bols Genever

The precursor to modern- day London dry gin, this European spirit is distilled from grain and flavoured with a touch of juniper.

First popularised by the Dutch in the 16th Century, it can today only be made in Belgium, areas of France and Germany and, most notably, Holland.

Genever can be enjoyed straight, or as a versatile cocktail ingredient in such classics as a Martinez or a Dutch Negroni.

Regular Price: $44.00
This Month: $39.60


Let’s be honest, enjoying the Super Bowl is as much about the food and drink as it is the big game itself! Below you’ll find some great wine and food pairings to make the most of Super Bowl Sunday!

Nachos & Riesling

A cold, crispy and dry Riesling will offset the deliciously spicy flavour of nachos.
We suggest: Leon Beyer Riesling ($30.25)

Chili & Côtes du Rhône

A full-bodied red wine will balance the flavours from a hearty, traditional meat and bean chili perfectly.
We suggest: Famille Perrin Côtes du Rhône Reserve ($19.25)

BBQ Wings & Cabernet Sauvignon

To match the tangy and smoky flavours of BBQ wings a big and bold New World Cabernet Sauvignon is an ideal choice.
We suggest: Austin Cabernet Sauvignon ($52.25)


Kamalame Cay Luncheon

Young’s Fine Wine and the beautiful Kamalame Cay Resort collaborate to bring you a day of absolute indulgence!

Join us for a delectable lunch, at a family style table, paired with custom cocktails created specifically for the lunch. The Kamalame Cay luncheons only happen once a month, so sign up before they sell out. For more information and to buy tickets visit

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April 20, 2024
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