The Grapevine: August 2022 – Issue #85

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The Grapevine: August 2022 – Issue #85

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Buy Two Bottles Get One Free!

August 2nd – 6th

Kick off the opening of Crawfish Season with one of our favourite easy-drinking Chardonnay’s, and a perfect pairing to any crawfish recipe!

This Californian Chardonnay is fruit-forward with notes of apple, lemon and vanilla. Murphy-Goode Chardonnay is barrel-aged to add a touch of boldness to the wine.

Plus, drink Goode and do good! Part proceeds from each bottle of Murphy-Goode sold are donated to BREEF.

Wine of the Month:

Bava Barolo

This garnet-red wine is from Castiglione Falletto in the Piedmont region of Italy, the geographic heart of the production of Barolo. This mountainous region is famous for DOCG wines like Barolo, which are composed solely of Nebbiolo grapes.

The Bava Barolo is a full bodied, high-acidity wine with a strong, earthy finish. It has a robust profile with floral, fruity and oaky notes.

This Barolo is an ideal pairing for tender red meats like beef and lamb, as well as rich pasta dishes.

Normal Price: $71.50

The Month: $64.35

Spirit of the Month:

Singani 63

Singani is a Bolivian brandy distilled from white Muscat of Alexandria grapes. It is the national distilled spirit of Bolivia, and is produced solely from vineyards located 5,250 feet or more above sea level.

Singani 63 is a clean and crisp spirit, with a smooth finish and a complex, yet subtle, bouquet of aromatic and floral tastes, including mountain meadow flowers, white pepper, and jasmine.

Traditionally served with ice and a slice of lime, Singani can also be mixed with ginger ale to create a “Chuflay”.

Normal Price: $63.25

This Month: $56.93


A Perfect Pair.

Crawfish Season is finally here! No matter how you love to prepare your fresh catch, the hands-down favourite to pair with crawfish is a chardonnay.

Chardonnay famously compliments the flavours and textures of crawfish. Whether it’s served in a rich, buttery recipe, or a fresh and light dish with citrusy flavours we have a Chardonnay for your favourite preparation. See below for some options:

Fresh Crawfish Salad

Try it with a subtly crisp Chardonnay with vibrant notes of fresh fruit

We recommend the Saumaize-Michelin Saint-Véran – $38.50 incl. VAT

Steamed Crawfish Tail with Butter Garlic Sauce

Try a medium-bodied, oaked Chardonnay

We recommend the Bourgogne Boyer Martenot Blanc – $46.75 incl. VAT

Traditional Bahamian Minced Crawfish

Try a drier Chardonnay with high acidity

We recommend the Joseph Phelps Chardonnay – $82.50 incl. VAT

But, of course, the Murphy-Goode Chardonnay goes with all of it! Buy two bottles of Murphy-Goode Chardonnay and get one free at all Young’s Fine Wine locations, August 2nd – 6th.


Kamalame Cay Luncheon

Young’s Fine Wine and the beautiful Kamalame Cay Resort collaborate to bring you a day of absolute indulgence!

Join us for a delectable lunch, at a family style table, paired with custom cocktails created specifically for the lunch. The Kamalame Cay luncheons only happen once a month, so sign up before they sell out. For more information and to buy tickets visit

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